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Stark Electronics

by Mickey O'Hara


    - BT074 Missing Foundation "World In Chains" c18
    - BT075 Mickey O'Hara "Stark Electronics" c90
    - BT076 DeRosa/Borsz c36 *BATCH EXCLUSIVE*

    Sold Out

Side A 45:00
Side B 44:59


Mickey O’Hara is a wizard. It’s really that simple. There’s an underlying sonic alchemy to his work that defies logic and time/space. To try and pigeonhole it, to compartmentalize it, or try to reduce it to accustomed language, cause and/or effect, is to miss the point entirely.

In an era where social media has rendered gear pics central to a new Like-based economy, where what’s between the cables seems to hold more sway than what’s going through them; where more is more, and the shiniest object in the room seems to always wins, Mickey completely demolishes the archetype and conjures precious metals from raw earth.

Recorded entirely with an ample arsenal of open-sourced public free software tools, what’s most astonishing about Stark Electronics is not just its breadth, but the ease which Mickey effortlessly navigates between these varied methodologies with no hesitation, at complete command, maneuvering with precision and unwavering vision. It transcends the tired tropes of contemporary ’computer music’ while traversing an astonishingly vast terrain. O’Hara steers our journey through completely alien topographies, where unstoppable sonic magma, hair-raising concrète zones, prickly Frankenstein grooves, and delicate interplanetary AI lullabies interlace with an unequivocal reverence of exploration and curiosity; a magnetic epic at once singular and mindbogglingly expansive.


released November 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Baked Tapes New York

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